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This is a wonderful display of arrogance and ignorance.

I was looking on the VMWare forums for a problem I’m having with VMWare Server (it says my license key will expire soon!). Anyway, I think I found the right answer on this thread.

Now, as an off-topic note, some got slightly confused between US and European dates (simple mistake, they owned up to it). Someone asks why the US/Canada have different dates. All perfectly calm and innocent questions.

Then “David12345” kicks in with the most naive, arrogant and ignorant sentence I have ever read! If you live in the USA, then learn how things work in the USA. Just unbelievable.

Does he not realise that people from outside the USA can speak English? (And proper English at that, not just American English – Thanks Richard for that one) Does he not realise that there are other countries out there, apart from the USA, and that they all have Internet access? And that they can post to worldwide forums?

Praise be, for “nick.couchman” who subsequently points out the obvious: I’m not sure he lives in the USA…

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