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London to Brighton Bike Ride


Along with another 26999 people (of which, 7 others were from my company), yesterday I successfully completed the London to Brighton Bike Ride!

We managed to cycle the 55 miles from Clapham Common to Madeira Drive in Brighton in about eight and a half hours, and I’ve personally managed a pleasing £150 in sponsorship for the British Heart Foundation!

Despite the fact that I ache like a bastard this morning, I’m definitely going to do it next year, and hopefully raise even more!

I was quite surprised how much I’ve actually enjoyed it, and how brilliant the whole atmosphere was. I was expecting it to be just people cycling, and cycling, and cycling, and …, but it wasn’t really. The best bit was realising people were cycling down towing loudspeakers attached to an iPod and playing out their CD collections – that really cheered me up! And a big thank you must go out to the kids that lined the streets and soaked me with their water pistols – it was welcome relief in the heat!

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