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Google Have an "Amateur" Website?

Right, I came across this article from some entrepreneur who is reviewing websites of major corporations and comparing them to the websites of smaller companies.

Hi conclusion is that having an “Amateur” website look is better for several reasons. I completely agree with his view-point, but disagree with his conclusions:

  1. The websites he mentions do not have an “Amateurish” look – To say that about PayPal or eBay is ridiculous. In short, they have a simplistic look. I would suggest that the look of these sites is very professional, when compared to other “home made” sites.
  2. There are more technical reasons than his conclusions state – He mentions the idea that websites need to be viewed on many different device now, and that people need information faster. These are both very valid points, but he misses a key reason – Cost. Simple websites are cheaper. The less data that is returned from a home page, the more requests you website can serve per hour meaning cheaper hardware is needed, and you can get the most out of your bandwidth. What is more, simpler websites cost less to develop initially
  3. User Interface – These sites are designed to let people move away from the homepage quickly, and to get them to where the money is to be made (either through purchases, advertising, etc). People don’t stay too long on homepages, they quickly move to their desired place, even though they will mainly type in the homepage URL. So, sites are designed to let people move easily and quickly from their first homepage request.

There is probably plenty of other things that I could say about his conclusions, but they escape me at present.

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