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I Now Know How Scott Adams Feels

Scott Adams, of Dilbert fame, recently wrote about the hassles of moving office.

I now know exactly what he meant. Today is my last day in my current office.

Our whole company’s head office operation is moving from the two office blocks where we are currently, to two completely separate offices. The blocks are obviously newer, nicer, and will allow future growth (much more than we can at the moment). The move to one of the new offices is completed, and I’m in the first wave of people heading over to our new offices.

I don’t think I’m going to like the new offices though. They may be newer and nicer, but we lose all of the benefits of our current location. Let me give you an example of what I mean:

Current Office Benefits:

  • Reasonable offices
  • Ten minute walk from reasonable size town centre, which has many shops I need “everyday” – e.g. Woolworths, Boots, WHSmiths, card shops, supermarket, etc
  • Ten minute walk from gym
  • Reasonable traffic congestion in the morning, but no real issues
  • Free on site canteen serving full meals
  • Access to the people in other departments we work with
  • Can escape office at lunch time to town, just to look around
  • Plus many more

Compared to New Office:

  • Nice new offices. Too small for our large department though, will be sqaushed in
  • 20 Minute drive from town centre where the shops are
  • Can get to other shops easier, but they will be much more expensive beause of their location
  • No gym for miles
  • Nightmare area to get in to in the mornings, and out of at night
  • “Deli bar” serving cold food only
  • The people we need to work with, are staying on this site
  • No where to go at lunch time. It’s a commercial estate, so just office buildings
  • Other benefits? None really

Not sure I’m going to like this.

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