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A Lot Of Hate

December 13th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

There seems to be a lot of hate today, from people in the Linux community.

It’s strange that, in my experience, the developers of Open Source Software (in this case, and from my experience, I’m talking mostly Linux here), don’t really care too much if people use their “product” or not – they just want to make it the best that they can.

If someone in the tech community makes a statement criticising OSS, it is the users that jump up and down, and start to get angy. It also appears that it is those people who make the least valid point (as is so wonderously demonstrated here).

From my experience of developers’ reactions, their come back is some what more subdued – it tends to be more along the lines of “OK, fine. You don’t like us. I can still sleep at night” – as is so brilliantly described here.

What I don’t get though, is why the users are so determined to defend OSS. My opinion is “Sure, it’s great. I use it a lot and I certainly appreciate all the work that people have gone through to get this to me – Well Done. But it does have it’s faults….” – it just seems that some people cannot see that OSS does have faults, bugs, etc, just like any other piece of software, so why do they get so uptight when someone points it out?

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