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New TFT Monitor

November 27th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

On Thursday, I finally bought myself a flat screen monitor. I’d wanted one for some time, but finally got spurred into it when I bought my Mac Mini.

I bought a Samsung 19 inch SyncMaster 913N, from a shady little outfit called PC World, all for £200.

So far, I’m sooooo impressed. It looks gorgeous, the resolution is more than I need, and the picture quality is brilliant. I did look at other 17 inch screens, including the Samsung 713N, but that had lower specs (brightness ratio and cd/m^2), and it was the same price (Hmmm, let me think – good 17 inch, or better 19 inch for the same price).

I’m still getting to used to looking at so much info on a screen at the same time, GMail in particular looks amazing!

What I’m also surprised at, is Samsung had put in the installation instructions the information for setting up the monitor in Linux, under X11 – pretty impressively comprehensive!

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