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Somethings Still Surprise Me

October 12th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

Something surprised me last night, to the point that it made me drop open my mouth, and then start laughing in amazement. This doesn’t happen very much anymore, especially when dealing with computers – even though the outcome may not be known to me, I can usually hazard a guess at the outcome, or determine an informed estimate. It’s nice to see that I’m yet to see everything this world has to offer me.

Last night I inserted a movie DVD into my MythTV media centre. I didn’t expect it work, as I had not configured anything, and I wasn’t sure whether I needed DeCSS, it runs Linux which isn’t supposed to support movie DVDs, etc, etc.

So, I went to the “Optical Discs” menu, selected “Play DVD”. It worked. Straight away. Wonderfully. Without error. I was amazed. Seriously amazed.

So it is now that I raise my hat, and pay tribute to those people who did this. You amaze me with your dedication, generousity (let’s not forget that this is all “Free” – in both senses of the word), ingenuity and talent. Bravo.

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