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“Cain” Parts List – Motherboard, CPU and Memory

August 13th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

To decide on these pieces, I really stuck to a simple principle: The machine needs to be fast – it’s encoding and decoding video plus doing everything else a computer does – so I needed a fast CPU and lots of RAM. I also needed consider the form factor to fit into the case that I had chosen – so it had to be MiniATX.

With that in mind, I’ve gone with an Athlon XP3200+ (Socket A – mainly because they are cheap), and 1GB of RAM from Crucial Memory. To select this, I looked for a motherboard which supported everything that I wanted (400 MHz Front Side Bus, USB, SATA Hard Disk, Onboard LAN and Sound, plus more!) and matched it to a CPU speed, therefore I went for the Gigabyte GA-7VM400AM-RZ, and an AMD Athlon XP3200+ (Barton architecture).

To select the RAM, I went to the Crucial Website, and used their memory selector, which found exactly the right type of RAM that I wanted.

The motherboard can support up to 2GB of RAM, in 2 x 1GB sticks, but I went for 1 x 1GB which gives me the ability to upgrade it at a later date.

When the motherboard was delivered, I got a little worried as the port layout on the back of my case didn’t match the port layout that was on the motherboard. Fortunately, the back plate on the case was removable, and the Gigabyte had provided a replace panel which fit perfectly (although the replacement panel was a bit thin and cheap feeling – this I’m not too worried about as it isn’t really going to be seen). This was a bit of luck that it happened like this, so I really should urge you to check out the port layouts of both the case and the motherboard when purchasing – it will save a lot of worry (trust me!)

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