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My Experiences With EBuyer.com

August 13th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

Recently, when I posted a list of parts on line for my MythTV project, most of my components had come from EBuyer.com and I said that I had found them the cheapest place to buy from. While that still seems to be the case, I now feel that I should issue a very big warning, if you are planning to order from them.

Although I’ve spoken to several people who have used them for years and have never had a problem with them, on my very first order from them
(i.e. the parts for my MythTV system), they screwed up so incredibly badly that I have a very large reluctance to order from them ever again.

Having paid extra for items to be delivered before the end of the week, only one (out of 14) items arrived by this time, and even then it was only a 22 pence floppy disk cable (I had nothing to plug into either end!). I then got another delivery on the following Monday, but this had an item missing. When I complained I was told it could take 3 days to investigate. Once this had happened, I was told it had been dispatched and therefore they would not send out another. I then complained again, they agreed to send another one out (but only because I had checked with the delivery company that there was only one box in the delivery). More than two weeks after I had paid to have all my items delivered by, I am still without one component (the CPU fan, so I can’t even turn my newly built PC on!). There is now also a
question as to whether they have charged me the £480, for my order, twice!

I managed to find the name and business address of their managing directors, and then wrote them a letter. About a week later I got a reply, but only on their website – they did not have the courtesy to write a letter in reply, or to even send me an email (which would have been bad enough) – all I got was an “eNote” on their website.

I would advise anyone who is thinking from ordering from them to have a good hard think – I would personally recommend spending a couple more quid to get better service.

Please don’t think that I am alone in my problems with EBuyer – if you do a search for them on the Internet, there a large numbers of people that have had problems with delivery
and being overcharged.

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