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Bloody Long Sunday

Jesus, what a day.

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Tom suggested that several of us enter a lottery to get tickets to the UK leg of the "Red Bull Air Race". Fortunately, I was lucky enough to win a vehicle ticket (i.e. the ticket is for your vehicle, not the number of people in your car!), so we decided to head along.

So yesterday, we ventured down to Longleat (a bit of a long trip), for what turned out to be quite a fun day out. None of us had any real interest in planes, but watching the pilots through those things around was pretty damn amazing.

The nightmare began at the end of the day. It took us 3 hours to get out of the car park (about a 200m journey!), and we then ended up queuing pretty much all the way to Stonehenge.

In all, the journey home took as about 8 hours! Ridiculous. It was a shame, because I actually enjoyed the day a lot, it’s just that the journey home has put a bad taint on things!

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