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Woohoo! Welcome to XHTML land!

I’ve finally managed to finish my updates to this site, and now everything is in XHTML (please don’t try and validate it just yet, I’ve got some data issues to work out first!)

Firstly, a lot of things are now driven by CSS, so the site should look fairly similar now in Internet Explorer, Firefox and Konqueror (at least those are the browsers that I have tested the site with!)

I’ve also made more use of categories, and (using the link on the nav bar on the left hand side of the site), you can look at the last ten posts in each category, as well as subscribe to an RSS feed for that category.

I have also added comment and trackback feeds for each post, so you can subscribe to those as well.

Finally, I’ve made more use of friendly URLs, and there are several bug fixes on the site.

In the future, I’m planning on introducing some “automatic” features (like Technorati pinging), and ATOM feeds.

If you have any problems, then please contact me and I will see if I can sort them out.

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