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Damn Spammers!

I’m starting to get annoyed.

In the past, I have been the victim of comment and trackback spammers, so I starting vetting all comments and trackback submissions (which is why if you leave a comment, it may not appear for several days).

Anyway, this worked quite well, because spammers seemed to send them in bulk (i.e. 50 submissions at a time – lets assume 50 for ease), and then realise that they were not getting posted, and give up (and I would subsequently delete them).

But lately, there is a less competent person at work (it seems like they are all coming through with non-latin character sets, so may be from Asia/China?), who doesn’t post in blocks of 50, they do it one at a time about once a day. They are still getting stopped because of my harsh filtering, but it’s getting annoying.

It’s annoying because I go in and check everyday, and have to delete one or two comments, and not write a blanket query to delete all 50. I am now thinking about finally implementing my own bayesian filtering, with white lists and black lists (the white lists would make it easier for Richard to post without me having to approve him!), plus I’m thinking about adding the ability to close comment or trackback submissions after a certain amount of time.

It’s a good job I’m currently rewriting the back-end code of the site!

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