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“Cain” Parts List – The Case

OK, so starting the parts list for “Cain”, we have the case.

My requirements for the case were fairly restrictive – it needed to look like it fitted in with all my other AV stuff (which is silver – although the colour didn’t matter too much), and because of the cabinet where it was going to be housed, it needed to be no higher than 15cm (about 6 inches).

This severely limited me as to what I could buy. I did find some really nice looking cases, but most of the time they were either:

  1. Really expensive (£300+)
  2. Not available in the UK
  3. Had a sideways riser card for expansion (which limited the amount of cards that I could place in the system)
  4. All of the above

I was originally planning on getting a full ATX case, but I soon realised that I was limiting myself too much, and so starting looking at MiniATX cases.

I eventually found the “Enlight 7473”, which looks like two DVD players stacked on top of each other, looked decent, was silver (added bonus!), was reasonably priced, and is just under 15cm high!

I found a set of reviews for the case, and the reaction was (on the whole) generally really good. One post did put my mind at rest by saying that although the pictures make it look plasticky, the real product is a lot better.

Using Froogle, I found the cheapest place to buy the case from, but then realised the site looked a bit dodgy, so eventually bought it from SpecialTech (Product Page).

My advice for case buying:
Go for something that you like the look of – unless you buy a really cheap case, the quality isn’t going to be too bad, and it is not as if you are going to be moving it too often anyway.

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