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“Cain” Parts List

As promised I have uploaded a components list for Cain, my media centre pc that I am building, and every so often, I will give details of why I opted for each component.

I have to say now, that I am no way connected (or endorsing) eBuyer.com – All but one of the components (the case) has been ordered from there, and the reason being the price. I did shop around at Dabs.com, Savastore.com and Novatech.co.uk, but I always found that eBuyer was always cheaper. There is also a slight hidden cost when you shop around – if you order from two sites, don’t forget that you are paying for two lots of postage, which could tip the balance in the direction of a more expensive component – think before you order!

Anyway, the Excel file is here, and I have placed a price next to each item. Some of the items are estimated (the values highlighted in orange), and some I have since realised that I may not need to buy (highlighted in green). In the “Actual Cost” sheet, you can see how much each item actually cost me, compared to the planned cost (e.g. once you include delivery, etc), and therefore the difference from my planned budget (this sheet is no way near complete, as I have not had all my deliveries yet!).

If you are interested, have a look through, and see if any of it helps you in your decisions! (My apologies, but Excel seems to want to save it as a 5.4MB file! Jesus!)

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