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“Cain” Components

I should really update you on my media centre PC. Last weekend, I decided on the main components that I wanted in my new MythTV box (called “Cain”), and finalised everything on Monday night.

I then went and ordered everything, which practically melted my credit card.

I’ll provide a full list of components (as promised) and a justification (again, as promised) for each piece. So far, only the case has arrived, it came yesterday, (which is not surprising as it was bought from a different company to the rest of the bits), and I’m dead pleased with it (even though it weighs an absolute tonne!). Hopefully the other bits will arrive today, but I couldn’t get them delivered to work, so I have no idea if they have turned up at home yet.

I’ve also found some good resources for building PCs. Oh, and as a side note, seeing as I have never built a PC before, I felt like I needed a guide before I did anything stupid – so I bought this month’s (or it might have been last months) issue of “Personal Computer World”. It seemed to cover everything I needed to know when I was working out what components to buy, so I would highly recommend it if you are planning on doing the same.

My other piece of advice is to shop around (or use FroogleUK Version) to get the best prices – more on this when I post the parts list.

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