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And So It Starts….

I’m racing again tomorrow, and the nerves are beginning to come out again. I’m no way near as nervous as I was first time around (back at Twickenham), but that still doesn’t mean that I’m not bricking it.

The chances of us winning this week are a lot less than last week (officially we had a 1 in 4 chance, but this week, it’s more like 1 in 12), and there are a lot more heats involved, so by the time the finalists get to race, they are probably going to be knackered. Apparently, the guys we are in our first heat with are good, but not unbeatable, so hopefully we won’t do too bad (they got into the final of the Novice Double Sculls and the Senior 4 Double Sculls last week at Bedford, so they aren’t going to be crap!)

Oh well, we’ll just have to wait and see how John and I do!

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