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Conspiracy Theories

On a quick walk into the town where I work, myself and the guys I was walking with had a quick conversation about conspiracy theories.

I stated that for years, I have wanted to come up with a totally made up conspiracy theory, and see how well it takes off. So today I came up with one.

Here’s the plot: Most of the clouds in the Earth’s atmosphere contain an alien space craft – the cloud acts a “smoke screen” to hide them. The reason that the Earth’s temperature is heating up is because there are more and more craft in our atmosphere, therefore the heat that these craft give off is increasing the temperature, plus it explains why it is no longer sunny when it is hot. Plus, it explains why pilots don’t often fly through clouds – they know about it and are sworn to secrecy, and they just don’t want to crash in the air. Oh yeah, and the aliens are watching us (for added drama), and there’s going to be an invasion.

Does that sound good?

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