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Well I’ve Had A Busy Day!

December 28th, 2004 Leave a comment Go to comments

It all started yesterday when I went to my local PC World and bought a DVD Rewriter for £50.

Now, I couldn’t put that in my laptop, so I bought it to go in my Linux powered desktop

So, I took the opportunity to reformat the hard disk and install Fedora Core 3 – which I’m quite impressed with already. I then came across a small problem. I want to start work on an improved version of my MP3Laptop project – this time to provide music around a house.

Being the tinkerer that I am, I decided that I wanted to do it on PHP 5 and MySQL 4.1 – which Fedora does not provide (only PHP4 and MySQL 4.0). I managed to find a reference for somebody that had swapped out the PHP and MySQL RPMs for development ones for Fedore Core 4. So I followed their instructions, and rather amazingly (considering his instructions for the a 64-bit architecture), they worked perfectly!

Except…. when I came to play with the new PHP5 mysqli class for using prepared statements and all the wonderful things that MySQL 4.1 can now provide, it wasn’t compiled into the PHP RPM.

I’m currently working on getting PHP 5.0.3 compiled, and apart from a few hiccups, it seems to be going OK. I’ll give you a few hints anyway:

1. Make sure you have the httpd-devel RPM installed – get that from your install CD and installed with “rpm -i ” – mine complained that I didn’t have a couple of other files installed, just tack the file names on the end of the command and that should work!

2. Make sure you have “aspell-devel” installed – again it’s on the CD and use “rpm -i” to install that as well.

3. Before compiling, create a simple PHP file on the server where the system will be compiled, with the code “<?php phpinfo(); ?>” in it (nothing else), and view the file normally from the server. In the output HTML, there will be the list of configure options PHP was built with previously – copy and use these, just add “–with-mysqli=/usr/bin/mysql_config” to the end (assuming you have installed the new MySQL 4.1 RPM)

That is as far as I have got so far, but everything seems to be compiling OK at the moment – I’ll let you know how I got on.

Doh! Compilation just failed on the ODBC step, I’ll try and fix that now
Fixed the ODBC step – just needed to install the unixODBC-devel RPM – again it’s on the installation CD and use “rpm -i” to install
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