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God Damn It!

I’ve just come back from the vending machines in our office. I had exactly 50p in change on me – exactly the right amount for a can of coke.

So, I go up 2 storeys and walk to the other end of that floor to get to the vending machines. Put 50p in, press button. Can of Coke falls down, smacks hard into the retaining bar and splits open. Coke everywhere.

So, I stuck my thumb over the slit quick, pull can out, and release the pressure into the bin. Then I have a brain wave. We have a free coffee machine next to the vending machine which dispenses cold (and hot water), so I thought I’d get a cup of water, tip it away and pour the coke into the cup. Except it’s run out of cold water – simple, I’ll use hot water. It’s run out of that too. Next best bet – “Peach Water” – it’s water but with a hint o’ peach (god only knows how they came up with that name).

So I’ve just enjoyed three quarters of a can of peachy flavoured coke, at an even higher price. Damn it.

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