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Russell Crowe

I heard on the radio this morning that Russell Crowe went on TV to apologise for throwing a phone at a hotel employee.

He said he felt he needed to cut himself some slack because he was just getting used to being a husband and a father away from home.

OK, fair enough, in those circumstances I would feel the need to phone home every so often, but just because I couldn’t does not mean that I should be allowed to “throw a spaz” and chuck a telephone at hotel employee. And why does he feel the need to excuse himself – “It’s OK Russell, you yourself can excuse you, so there isn’t a problem”.

He also said sorry to his wife on air. How about saying sorry to the person you threw the phone at? That would be the first person I would feel the need to apologise to, followed swiftly by the hotel for causing a scene. After that, that’s the point where I would feel the need to apologise somebody who I’d mildly let down.

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