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I’m Annoyed

Something has knackered my ID3 tags in my MP3 collection, and I’m pointing the finger firmly at iTunes (or may be even WinAmp).

I created a new CD for my car last night. Now, my stereo is good enough to let me burn MP3s on to a CD, and then plays the tracks. It can even read ID3 tags (it appears to have some issues in this area, but it seems happier with just ID3 v1 tags). So, last night, I stayed up late, burnt 13 albums (that I own) to a CD. I even validated some of the ID3 tags myself and corrected them using WinAmp, because they all appeared to be missing.

When I got in the car this morning, the tags were missing off all the tracks that I corrected, plus all the tracks on Albums that I ripped previously. Only the ID3 tags on albums that I ripped last night remain – and as yet, I haven’t imported them in to iTunes.

So, here’s what I reckon is happening: iTunes is removing ID3 tags (the bastard). WinAmp has a bug in it which means it doesn’t read or write ID3 tags properly (having not started WinAmp in a while, I got a message about upgrading to v 5.91 – I’m currently using v5.05 – so there might be a slight difference in version going on there!)

Has anyone else experienced this? No? Just me then….

Anyway, this whole thing has got me thinking about my MP3 collection, and what to do with it when I build my MythTV box. I’ll probably store all my MP3s on that box, seeing as it is going to have a couple of monster HDD drives, so I will be able to share them out using NFS and Samba, plus play them through the TV (if I should ever want to – although I can’t imagine that being likely).

So this would be a good time to look at the collection, reorganise it, check the filenames, possible organise it into artist directories, clear out duplicates, may be re-rip albums into a higher bit-rate, check ID3 tags, see if I can get information on all of the songs, etc.

That means that I can then clear out iTunes (apart from the songs that I have purchased), and rebuild the library in there, which should then populate correctly down to my iPod as well.

Just got to build my box then!

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