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Fed Up of Word

Word Up!

Enough of the puns, I’m getting fed up with Microsoft Word. Actually, no, scrap that. I’m getting fed up of people giving me crapply formatted documents made in Word.

We’ve just started using formal specifications where I work, and the team that produces them upstairs, obviously don’t know how to properly format a Word document to make it play nicely. I can’t help but think that LyX and LaTeX would be helpful for it’s use, but I doubt that the company would go for that.

We leads me back around to thinking about “Slate”, an app that Richard and I started thinking about just after we left University, as we were a bit fed up of the horrible interface of LyX. Look, it even gets a brief mention at the bottom of Richard’s Applications page.

Wadda ya think Richy-boy? Time to dust off the old Java tutorials and kick some arse?

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  1. Rich
    May 24th, 2005 at 13:09 | #1

    LyX is actually pretty good and mature as it stands…. if I did it now I probably wouldn’t use Java (well, not the language, I might use Swing).

    Maybe when my to-do list shrinks 😀

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