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Twickenham Regatta

Well, I said a couple of days ago that I was going to enter the Twickenham Regatta that took place yesterday, and well, who am I to disappoint.

So, I have been “bricking it” for the past couple of days/weeks, but once I got there, that all seemed to disappear.

Seeing as there were 6 crews that entered the Novice Mens Double, there were 2 heats and 2 crews were drawn to enter the semi-final on a let. And seeing as there were 3 crews from my club entering that race, myself and John (my bow-man) were drawn in the first heat.

As it was our first ever race, we were both still quite nervous, but we got a good start, and kept with it, winning with a 3 length lead. So we were then into the next round, against another crew from our club, made up of 2 juniors with lots of experience, but unfortunately pressure got to us, and we lost that one by about another 3 lengths.

I’m not too upset about losing (even though we lost to two 15 year old school boys, who themselves were in their first mens race), just that we lost because we rowed badly.

I’ll try to get around to posting a picture, but at the minute their still sat on my Mum’s digital camera (mine’s broken!).

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