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Racing at Twickenham

So, a little under two weeks ago, I agreed to enter my very first race at Twickenham this coming Saturday.

I’m now beginning to regret that decision. These past two weeks have been hard on the old hands, and today, I’m absolutely knackered. I’ve had a salad for lunch, along with lots of potato, but seeing as our offices are permanently freezing, I’m now stone cold.

Tonight, I’ve got my last practice session with my doubles partner, and the weather looks grim. I’m just praying that everything goes alright on Saturday.

I’m not being foolish, I know that the chances of us winning are remote, but I’m just hoping that John and I don’t make complete arses of ourselves, and considering that there are 3 heats, a semi-final, and a final that we need to win, then the chances of us messing up and ending up 4 lengths down get higher with every race.

Wish me luck, I’ll tell you how I do, and try to post a picture after Saturday.

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