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Things That Make Me Chuckle

I saw two things yesterday that raised a smile on my face.

The first was a leaflet pinned to a notice board at work (it’s been there since I started over a year ago, but I didn’t notice this until the other day) called “Safe Manual Handling at Work” – Because those manuals can get heavy can’t they?

The second was a road sign I saw whilst driving home for work. Again, I see this sign twice on my way to and from work (on my usual route), but never really thought about it. It was one of the triangular warning signs (with just an exclamation mark in the centre), and underneath it said “Blind Summit” – I never knew there was a meeting place for visually impaired people there!

Incidentally, I’m thinking about starting a T-Shirt printing/design company (just for my friends and myself to start with, but who knows!) as I’ve been coming up with some good things to put on T-Shirts recently, and can’t find anything like them in the shops.

My favourite at the moment is one that I came up with driving to work this morning. It simply says:
100% Genius,
1% Retarded

or slightly less offensive (and significantly less subtle about the joke):
98% Genius,
3% Can’t Count

I’ve also come up with some other absolute blinders, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise. I guess I could get a Cafe-Press site up and running….

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