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Interesting Take on Cabir Virus

The Cabir virus seems to be steadily spreading across Europe on Series 60 Nokia handsets.

I never see why people catch this, because you get a warning about installing applications, but some how people keep falling for it.

Anyway, this post from F-Secure seems to offer an explanation:Well, we’ve spoken to many people who’ve actually been infected, and they typically explain it like this: They got this weird message on the phone, requesting a “Yes” or “No” answer. So they clicked “No”. But the message popped up immediatly again. And they clicked “No” – only to see the message pop up again. And since “No” didn’t seem to be working, they clicked “Yes”…

The message would have disappeared if they would have walked away from the area where they were (to get out of the range of the infected phone), but there’s no way for an end user to know that.

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