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New Songs

There’s been a raft of new songs from new albums that have been aired on the radio at the moment, and I’m not entirely impressed with them!

The new Oasis song “Lyla” sounds like something off their “Be Here Now” album, which came out when I did my GCSEs in 1998 – they seem to have moved back 7 years in terms of creativity!

I also heard the new Coldplay song “Speed of Sound” yesterday morning. It’s just boring. It’s not unpleasent, but it’s nothing special – it sounds like a filler track on on of their previous albums – it’s not the type of song that I would expect them to launch a very important album with.

Also just released is the new Jamiroquai song (sorry, but I can’t remember the name). This one is better than Oasis and Coldplay – because I feel indifferent about it. It don’t hate it, but I don’t instantly love it either. That usually means that it’ll grow on me with time.

Finally, I’m loving the new songs by Athlete, and Razorlight (I’m sure the Razorlight song has been released before though). I’ll definitely be looking to buy those albums at some point.

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