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More Music

I should have logged this last Friday (1st April), but I only got around to listening to them this weekend!

Anyway, last Friday, I bought 2 more CDs – “Hotel” by Moby and “Human After All” by Daft Punk.

Both are pretty much as expected, with no major surprises or pieces of inspiration. Daft Punk doesn’t really do it for me this time around (although it’s still a good album) – it doesn’t really have the spark and energy of “Discovery”. “Hotel” isn’t too bad, and is Moby experimenting with a slightly different sound, but still doesn’t beat “Play” in my opinion.

I think that is it for CDs that I want at the moment, I’m guessing that there will be a couple of CDs out in several weeks that I’ll want – I’m kind of getting into “The Bravery” and “The Kaiser Chiefs” so may be they will be next.

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