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No, no, no, no, no!

Stupid bloody birds!

I managed to get another today (actually, I don’t think I did, but bear with me). Again, I was driving to rowing, and a bird flew across the road in front of my car, appeared to get caught up in the air flow around the car and got flung up, over the bonnet, up the windscreen, and probably shot into orbit somehow. I didn’t actually hit the bird this time, but it must have come pretty close. I looked in the rear-view mirror, and couldn’t see it so I’m not sure what happened.

Worse still, I have to drive through a fairly major town to get to the reservoir where I row, and I saw two pigeons pecking something in the road (in my lane). I drive up to them, thinking that they will move, but no. They keep pecking, but then they see the big silver movey thing (i.e. my car) and panic, but the don’t fly away. Oh no, that would be too easy. Instead, they start running along the road. It was only when I shouted “Get out the bloody way!” that they actually moved.

There’s a severe problem with this thing at the minute, and I appear to be the only person who has spotted it.

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