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MythTV Box Done (Again)

OK, the other day, I receive even more donated PC parts (including another hard disk – this time only 3.2GB but big enough to shoe-horn Linux and MythTV onto, and leave the 10GB disk for recorded videos), so I did a complete reinstall of MythTV – this time missing out the step to trying to load the correct module settings for my bttv based card (which last time knackered everything up).

I had some major pain-in-the-arse stuff trying to get the channels loaded, but eventually I managed it.

Unfortunately, the spec of the PC is way too low to be able to watch live TV on it (because of the ring-buffer based hard disk recording for pausing playback etc), but it should be OK to record programs. I did schedule one recording, which it did, but it’s got no sound when I play it back (I know now that there was no sound recorded), which is a problem that I will have to overcome before the box becomes of any use at all.

I’m also trying to set up port forwarding on my home router so that I can access the program recording from outside my network (e.g. from work, or from my mobile phone), but so far I’m not having much luck!

On another note, I thought “Hang on a minute, I could probably write a application for Windows to be able to schedule recordings from my PC. Yes, I know about MythWeb, but still….”. Anyway, just to make sure that I wasn’t treading on anyone’s toes, I googled, and found “WinMyth” which lets you schedule programmes and also view recorded programmes. I have to say though, after I installed it, I couldn’t get it to run because it appeared to bail out with a .Net run time error (it looks like it is trying to reference a Null pointer – doh!). (Also seen here)

OK, I’ve now installed MythWeb on my router as well, to ensure that I can access my box from the outside. If you try this approach though, you should really look at this post on the User forums, but also this reply. Also bear in mind that you backend will need to have the IP address that it listens on changed as well – more information on this page under the first “General” heading (and be sure to read the note underneath as well!)
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