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I saw a brilliant programme on BBC 1 last night called “Skint”, it basically followed a small group of people who were existing almost hand to mouth, and who frequently had to “pawn” property to be able to survive.

It amazed me how much of a problem this can be, with some people pleased to receive £10 from a pawn brokers.

One man I could really sympathise with, he was called Vernon and had a ten year old son. As a job, he sold the Big Issue on the streets of Bristol (it was either there, or Birmingham – he had a very brummy accent). But he didn’t waste his money, he had found the cheapest place to buy food from (and it wasn’t a supermarket), and looked after his son in the best way he could – he knows that his son wants to be a footballer, so spent some well needed extra pence on some grapes for his son so that he was eating enough fruit and so that he has healthy.

What really make me respect him, was that fact that he was earning his money (any way he could), and even stated that “he didn’t want to become a dole junky”.

Bit of an eye-opener that programme. Well worth a watch next week.

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