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Why? Oh, Why?!

Siemens, why do you mock me so?

My mobile phone contract is up for renewal, and I’m looking for a decent phone, and today, I thought that the search my be over. I saw on Gizmodo, the wonderful looking Siemens SP65. It’s a good looker, plus it looks like it has everything that I want……

….except for a bloody camera. Now, I know the purpose of it not having a camera is perfectly legitimate and understandable. However, how about making one available for us people who do not have such restrictions in our lives (yet…)?. It’s not hard.

On the other hand, the SP65 is actually a business version of this butt-ugly monstrousity. Maybe I’ll stick with an ugly, turd coloured lump rather than a sleak and professional looking model just for the sake of a camera.

And then again, may I won’t.

Sorry Siemens, one less customer.

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