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MythTV A GoGo!

Well, I’ve spent a semi-productive weekend turning an old PC that was donated to me into a hard disk recorder, using the wonderful MythTV package and Fedora Core 3.

It’s still not a perfect setup, as I’m currently using an old Hauppage WinTV Go card (with a bttv tuner), so the picture quality is not wonderful. The other problem I have is that although I can get TVTime, and XawTV to receive a picture, I’m not able to receive any kind of picture in MythTV – which is something that I will have to solve. Otherwise though, I can get everything else working (i.e. MythWeather, MythWeb, etc).

Once I’ve got this one up and running, I’m planning on building a much more powerful system, with at least 2 cards (probably Digital so that I can watch FreeView, and get a better picture signal), and put it in a pretty case next to the TV. I thought it would probably be best to see if I can get it running at first on some (relatively) free stuff, before I splash out serious cash on a better system.

If anybody wants, I should be able to provide some notes on how I acheived the setup, and how I got everything working.

Unfortunately, I still can’t get a picture on the damn thing. I think it could be to do with the bttv module, and I script I used to find the best settings for the driver. It asks you to add some lines to /etc/modprobe.conf and I think that is what has nailed it. Unfortunately, when I put it back to how it was, it still didn’t work. I’m coming to the conclusion that it may just be better to reformat and start again (“Build one to throw away” as Richard always says…).
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  1. Adrian
    May 21st, 2005 at 07:52 | #1

    Freeview is the way to go…
    I’ve had one of these devices cooking away for some months, and I can say with no hesitation that the DVB-T (freeview) approach is so much better than analogue TV cards. Zero interference, perfect picture quality, perfect recording… when you get it all to work. Builds of Myth newer than 0.17 are much, much easier to get working on DVB-T.

    I’ve got three DVB-T tuners, all Hauppauge. One WinTV Nova-T PCI, one Nova-T USB2 and a DEC2000-T. Only just got the USB2 box, and I’m hoping it will resolve some of the streaming problems I’ve had with the USB 1.1 DEC2000-T.

  2. Robert Logan
    June 14th, 2005 at 17:13 | #2

    Any luck yet?
    Im having issues getting myth to see my USB2 Nova-T, have you had any luck getting it up.

    Ive got the hardware detected and firmware loaded … anything I should do to get this cute little box ‘mythed’.

  3. Armswiper
    June 15th, 2005 at 19:00 | #3

    Haven’t Tried!
    Hi Robert, thanks for the interest! I haven’t actually got a Nova-T (USB or otherwise), so unfortunately I couldn’t be of any help. My plan is to build a new PC from scratch, and use PCI cards (I realised sometime ago that using USB devices on Linux could sometimes be like having your teeth pulled out, so I stay well clear of it – apart from my USB memory stick). I would suggest that you check out the MythTV forums on http://www.mythtv.org as there seems to be a lot of information on there. Good luck and keep me posted!

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