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This must be the worst user interface that I have had the displeasure to experience.

Yeah, I’ve experienced bad looking and unfriendly interfaces before, but this is just annoying.

Check out the instructions:Use your mouse wheel to rotate the screens.And what if I don’t have a bloody mouse wheel? Huh, Genius? Oh, so I have to go through the pain of randomly clicking things? Brilliant. Tell you what why don’t you stick to your “designing”, and I’ll stick to thinking about what people may be accessing my website with.

What makes it worse is the pictures on the left don’t logically match up with the pictures on the right, and the site is painfully slow to load some really quite small images.

Just give me a list of sodding pictures and a description. It’s quicker, will work better and I don’t have to worry about which wheel I’m moving!

That’s why we shouldn’t let “designers” play with websites and software. Leave it to the people who have a rough inkling of what’s going on.

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