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“Baby On Board”

I’ve been noticing something recently. Well, to be more precise, re-noticing something.

I’ve started to spot “Baby On Board” signs hanging from peoples’ cars. It’s not that they have gone away at all, it’s that I’ve just started to notice them again.

The interesting point is this. If I’ve just started to notice them again, then at some point, I must have stopped noticing them, and started ignoring them.

The must have been used so much, that my head go to saturation point and it got used to these things hanging in the back of cars. Therefore, I probably took no extra care in driving around these cars, and therefore defeating the purpose of carrying the sign in the first place.

Therefore, people should stop using them as they are a waste of money because nobody will pay attention to them.

To put this into another perspective, the other day whilst I was driving home from a Sunday morning rowing session, I noticed a car with a big white sticker on the back. I couldn’t read what the sticker said because I was keeping a safe distance and the writing was too small. Because the car was travelling slower than the legal limit and because I was on a dual carriage way and it was safe to overtake, I went around the car. It was only when I got very close I was able to read the sticker which said “Back Off! I drive at the legal limit” (or words to that effect).

Again, this sign is pointless because the writing was too small. Therefore I had to get closer to the sign to be able to read it, before being told to back off (even though it was their fault that I couldn’t read their sign). Seems a bit like it is missing the point – “Come on, drive closer, you’ll be able to read my sign then…. Go on!… Go on!…. NO! NO!, TOO CLOSE!”

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  1. Rich
    March 9th, 2005 at 16:42 | #1

    … I love those "baby on board" stickers. "Oh, it’s a good job you told me, because I was just thinking about ramming you into that petrol tanker. I’ll think twice now I know a little ‘un is on board.".


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