About Me

November 14th, 2008


My name is Mark, and I am an Applications Developer that lives and works in the UK. I work for a large, international Business Services company. My work often takes me around the world for brief trips, as well as keeping me busy in our offices near Gatwick airport. I’ve recently been appointed team leader, and I know look after 5 other developers on my project.

Through my work, I use Progress 4GL for business rules development, and VBScript and HTML for UI development. I’m also well versed in other languages such as C, PHP and D. Through University and personal interest, I’ve also had expose to Java, Delphi, and some Functional programming. Occasionally, I turn my hand to Linux system administration, shell scripting and I’ve even been known to turn my hand to Perl.

Outside of work, I am a member of Ardingly Rowing Club, and that often keeps me busy at the weekends and in the evenings. Due to a lack of sweep equipment, I’m a Sculler, often in a single, occasionally in a double and sometimes in a quad. Unfortunately, although I’ve been trying for a few years now, I’m still at Novice level.

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